Are Elesa becoming leaders for Castors and Wheels?

Over the years, Elesa have developed sophisticated, expertly designed Castor and Wheel product lines to accommodate for a number of industries. Explore their recent expansion.

Elesa wheels: Range expansion for an increasingly diversified offer

Mobility in industrial environments is a factor that can significantly affect people’s health and safety in the workplace on the one hand and efficiency and productivity on the other. Offering solutions with high quality standards for the materials used and for the guarantees on performance and mechanical resistance is a necessary condition for satisfying the technical needs of the market.

But a diversified range, developed to respond to different sectors, from factory equipment to furniture, from the food industry to the medical, from the handling of heavy loads to “ESD protected” environments is certainly a strong point our customers can count on.

It is with these purposes in mind, that the range of Elesa industrial wheels  expands and specializes more and more. Read more about the latest additions here.

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