babyark presents their safest car seat, connected, engineered with military grade technology, designed by Frank Stephenson

babyark, an innovative child safety tech company, introduces a new baby seat designed by Frank Stephenson. babyark is designed and engineered to meet the highest standards of safety using unique impact absorbing technology, advanced materials including carbon fibres and a comprehensive connected sensor system.

Drawing inspiration across the worlds of aerospace engineering, performance cars and utilising military-grade technology, Frank Stephenson Design has used its expertise in developing and designing this wonderful new, innovative product.

Its design is inspired by the structural integrity and simplicity of an egg and is shaped like a pod that has been curated to retain structural integrity and blend ergonomics with organic design. It is a product created to disrupt the market, offering an utterly new digital experience to users and ensuring the absolute highest standards of safety.

babyark is built using military grade, energy-absorbing technology and carbon fibre frame, the seat’s “SafeCoil” steel-based shock absorption system gently slows the seat forward momentum at a safe and controlled rate. The seat is also geared with a unique ‘BioArk’ side impact protection, biomimicking the woodpecker’s unique plate-like bone natural protection system. Accelerometers and gyroscopes within the seat can record the force of any crash and notify users whether the seat can be reused.

An integrated 14 sensors in the seat’s base, constantly monitor a wide range of parameters.  babyark signals to the caregiver if the seat is properly installed, and in addition via smartphone app it signals to the caregiver if the child passenger is properly buckled.

Frank Stephenson, Founder of Frank Stephenson Design, said: “After my time within the automotive industry, I have always wanted to go beyond simply designing vehicle shapes. Safety standards and designs within the industry have evolved significantly, and yet we easily neglect the technology required for child safety. babyark’s disruptive business approach and its exposed design, which takes inspiration from protective shapes in nature around us, aims to embrace the occupant and provide safety and luxury for users.

“Blended with timeless design, babyark is a remarkable, high-end product that ensures peace of mind for parents across the world. I’m extremely proud of the uncompromising commitment to safety and the joy I experienced designing my first children’s product.”

Frank Stephenson is responsible for the design of some of the most powerful and iconic automotive vehicles including BMWs, Ferraris, Maseratis, McLarens, MINI and Fiat 500 models, has developed a design portfolio encompassing bold industrial designs, new mobility projects such as eVTOL.

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