Bringing easier automation to more warehouses

Supply chain integration partner PeakLogix, an Alta Material Handling company, has announced a strategic partnership with Movu Robotics, a global leader in warehouse automation solutions that stands out by bringing easier logistics automation technologies to the world’s warehouses.

This partnership means Movu Robotics and PeakLogix can offer the benefits of Movu’s plug-and-play robotics portfolio as part of their solutions for customers in the North American market.

Since 1989, PeakLogix specialises in providing material handling solutions and warehouse optimisation services. The company offers a range of services, including warehouse design, equipment integration, software solutions, and project management. PeakLogix helps businesses maximise efficiency and productivity in their warehouse operations through tailored solutions based on their specific needs and requirements.

Over 30 years and thousands of successful projects, PeakLogix has earned its reputation for collaborating with clients to bring innovative solutions to life.

With a philosophy of ‘no warehouse left behind’, Movu Robotics tackles automation with easier, modular, scalable, flexible and efficient solutions that customers need and helps them to upgrade their warehouses. The Movu portfolio is built around a range of innovative sub-systems designed to provide easier, scalable, flexible and energy efficient solutions accessible for all kinds of warehouses and quick to roll out. These include the Movu atlas, a pallet shuttle system for multiple deep lane storage; Movu escala the robotized 3D storage and fulfilment system; Movu ifollow Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for collaborative picking or transport of load carriers such as pallets; and the Movu eligo picking arm robot; as well as the appropriate supporting software.




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