Castrol and Sprint Power collaborate

Castrol and Sprint Power are collaborating on a project to develop ultra-fast charging cells and battery packs for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles (FCHEVs). Two Sprint Power designed battery modules that will use Castrol ON EV Thermal Fluids will deliver an 80% charge in just twelve minutes, making EVs an even more viable alternative for those still to make the switch to electrified mobility.

The collaboration between Castrol and Sprint Power is the result of Project CELERITAS, a £9.7 million project with £4.8 million funded through APC18, that aims to address existing consumer concerns related to the charging speeds of today’s electric vehicles. In addition to Castrol and Sprint Power, the consortium includes BMW, AMTE Power, Clas-SiC and Eltrium.

UK-based Sprint Power is a leader in electrified propulsion systems, power electronics and battery systems. It has been developing two battery systems, one for BEV applications and one for hybrid applications, both of which integrate all system electronics and incorporate multiple charging protocols to save space and weight. They also include an integrated 800V to 14V DC/DC converter, an 800V Battery Management System (BMS), and ‘direct cooling’ capabilities – where the cells are immersed in a non-conductive cooling solution.

Castrol is providing its Castrol ON EV Thermal Fluid, which has been formulated specifically for direct cooling applications, to ensure these Sprint Power battery systems can be charged more rapidly and offer increased performance and protection*. Castrol is also utilising its state-of-the-art modelling and testing facilities to ensure both of the Sprint Power battery systems benefit from an optimised final design that can handle the greater stresses brought about by ultra-fast charging.



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