CHC Helicopter invests in ground-breaking Virtual Reality training

CHC Helicopter has announced it has successfully completed a trial collaboration with Priority 1 Air Rescue to deliver ground-breaking Virtual Reality (‘VR’) training for its Search and Rescue (‘SAR’) technical crew members. The trial involved winch operators from CHC’s operations in Ireland.

With the trial successfully completed, CHC will roll out Priority 1’s VR training for all new Winch Operators – starting in Ireland, with a view to it being adopted in other markets worldwide. The investment demonstrates CHC’s dedication to delivering industry leading safety standards.

Adopting next generation VR simulations for training enables CHC’s technical crew members to prepare and practice emergency procedures for a variety of challenging SAR events in a safe, controlled and realistic environment; including procedures that couldn’t be practiced in a live aircraft. This innovative method is the first of its kind to be accepted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (‘EASA’) and Irish Aviation Authority (‘IAA’), representing a unique development in the provision of safe, effective and reliable helicopter services globally.

Guided by third party experts at Priority 1’s state of the art training facility, CHC’s technical crews can perform and redo winch operation procedures in mock cabins and a range of weather conditions until perfected. They can also practice for emerging sectors in a realistic way, such as supporting Offshore Wind platforms.

Implementing this new form of VR training also supports CHC’s sustainability commitments by allowing training to be completed in a reduced time period of just eight weeks, compared to the industry standard of nine months.

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