Edinburgh tram to Newhaven project contract awarded

Technology supplied by Siemens Mobility Limited will feature across the City of Edinburgh Council’s Trams to Newhaven project. This follows a contract award covering electrification, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), telecoms and tram and road traffic signalling.

 The project’s completion in 2023 will further improve accessibility in Edinburgh between Newhaven, the city centre and the airport, making it even easier for people to travel using a low-carbon mode of transport. It will also contribute to improved air quality, increasing the opportunities for people to access more parts of the city without travelling by car, more easily.

 Siemens Mobility will be working in partnership with the main contractor, a joint venture between Sacryr, Farrans and Neopul, on the 2.9 mile (4.69 km) route connecting Leith and Newhaven to the end of the current line at York Place. The new double track line will include eight stops, with two substations providing the traction power for the whole route extension.

 Building on the work it delivered for the first phase of the network, Siemens Mobility will be extending the electrification, SCADA, telecoms and signalling systems, as well as installing new, and modifying existing, traffic signals at 30 road intersections along the route, using extra-low voltage controllers and tram signals. These are not only linked to the city’s traffic control facilities but also to the signal technology of the trams, enabling priority to be provided to trams at junctions on the network.


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