Elesa Expands Further into ATEX-Compliant Hydraulic Components

ELESA is thrilled to announce their breather cap product extension; providing solutions that redefine the functionality of sealing hydraulic tank fillers, alongside a new ATEX-compliant range, reflecting their commitment to industry-leading safety standards.

New Breather Cap Solutions

These innovative caps enable smooth air interchange as fluid is channelled to or from the hydraulic reservoir. With Elesa’s unique labyrinth geometry, they act as a robust barrier to spillage, perfect for equipment used at variable angles or machines in transit.

ATEX-Compliant Hydraulic Components

In response to the ATEX regulations, Elesa introduces a series of hydraulic components designed specifically for systems adhering to these stringent guidelines. This range is beneficial to various sectors, including pumps, anti-spark installations, oil and gas, water and sewage, petrochemical plants, mines, and flour mills.

The ATEX range features:

These components, laser engraved and supplied with a comprehensive instruction/safety leaflet, allow users to integrate them into systems in accordance with Health and Safety Requirements under the 94/9/EC ATEX European Directive (explosive atmospheres) for equipment in Group II, category 2GD.

Additional Offerings and Customizations

Elesa continues to provide versatility through a variety of options, including neutral caps, coloured caps, and adjustable threaded fixing. Two innovative designs, SFX and SFX+a, cater to varied industrial applications.

Explore Elesa’s Pioneering Solutions

Elesa’s new breather caps and ATEX-compliant hydraulic components exemplify the brand’s excellence in innovation, safety, and performance.


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