First all-electric Munro Series-M 4×4 leaves production line

Munro Vehicles (Munro), a manufacturer of all-electric 4x4s, Scotland’s volume car company, has today announced the completion of its first pre-production model. The white Series-M Utility, a hard top five-seater 4×4, leaves the factory in East Kilbride just ten months after Munro unveiled the MK_1 prototype model in Edinburgh in December 2022.

The start of manufacturing for Munro denotes a significant moment in British automotive history as the company initiates the return of light vehicle mass production to Scotland for the first time since the closure of the Linwood car plant in 1981.

The roll-out of the Series-M Utility signifies the next phase of Munro’s strategic vision to expand its production facilities and grow its workforce, and bring 300 new jobs to the region by 2027. Achieving scale-up will allow Munro to increase production from 50 vehicles over the next twelve months, to 200 units per annum and 2500 by 2027.

Munro’s roadmap will enable it to capitalise on a global market opportunity. The company, which has been named as a finalist in the Fully Charged awards for Best innovative EV Manufacturer, is uniquely positioned to support customers operating in demanding sectors. These include agriculture, construction defence, disaster relief and forestry. The Munro Series-M will empower customers to de-carbonise their 4×4 vehicle fleets, without compromising on off-road performance, practicality, and durability.


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