Limited Edition of 1:8 scale models perfectly replicating the McLaren Senna

Amalgam Collection has revealed that they have been developing an exclusive Limited Edition of 1:8 scale models perfectly replicating the McLaren Senna in its newly revealed Senna Sempre livery. Limited to just 30 pieces, this special edition is a celebration of the life and legacy of legendary Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna, and will become a much sought after collectible, especially appealing to McLaren Racing’s most ardent followers who also appreciate art and design.

The creative team at Amalgam have already completed the #1 model in the edition which was delivered to McLaren Automotive in time for the real car’s launch ahead of this year’s Monaco Grand Prix. Number #30 in the edition has been reserved for the Senna family, whilst the remaining 28 models in this exceptional edition are available to pre-order directly from Amalgam Collection. McLaren Senna owners can also purchase through McLaren Automotive.

Each Amalgam model is the culmination of over 3000 hours of meticulous design and development, crafted by skilled artisans with the utmost attention to detail. The foundation of these masterpieces is the confidential CAD data shared with Amalgam by McLaren Automotive, which the team reworked and refined through 3D printing and hand-finishing hundreds of intricate patterns. The process begins with the creation of moulds, followed by the casting of every part in prototyping resin, precision-fitting, painting, and assembly. This labour-intensive process takes over 300 hours to complete, resulting in a stunning replica that perfectly captures the essence of the Senna Sempre livery. Every visible detail is meticulously replicated, including the subtle nods to Ayrton Senna’s iconic racing career.

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