Low-to-high volume production using injection moulding rolled out

The digital manufacturing marketplace Xometry Europe now also offers injection moulding technology for mid to large scale series production. Customers can choose from a wide variety of materials when placing orders. The suppliers in the Xometry network work with more than 30 plastics and resins for injection moulding and offer various finishings such asSPI or STD as part of post-processing.

Since the introduction of this technology on the platform in Europe last Autumn, Xometry has seen a growing interest in orders. Michael Ender, Head of Sales, puts this down to offering a comprehensive service: “Thanks to the advice we provide as well as the broad portfolio of manufacturing processes, we can support customers from as early as the prototype phase. Meanwhile, we also help our customers to subsequently carry out series production.”

Injection moulding generally offers the most cost-effective way to make plastic parts at scale with consistent quality. However, due to the costs associated with producing the required moulds, it is usually only an attractive option for very large production quantities. Michael Ender on the practical applications: “Injection moulding is used for the large-scale production of price-sensitive parts and consumer goods. Xometry now facilitates access to injection moulding production for small and medium-sized companies. Depending on the part, small series may already benefit from production using injection moulding.”

The high-precision tools needed for the process can also be ordered via Xometry. Rapid tooling is recommended for production quantities from 100 to around 10,000 parts. Production tooling is more suitable for larger quantities.

With injection moulding suitable for mass production now available, Xometry has a unique selling proposition on the market. Until now, smaller manufacturing marketplaces have not taken on orders of this size. This means that Xometry is now equipped with the entire spectrum of standard production techniques on a single platform — from CNC machiningand sheet metal fabrication to six 3D printing technologies and mass production injection moulding. Customers can process their orders from prototypes to series production quickly and conveniently on our dedicated marketplace. All you need is a computer to upload the CAD file of the desired part.


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