Munro: An Electric Future for Scottish Vehicle Manufacturing

Munro Vehicles, a manufacturer of all-electric 4x4s, and claims to be Scotland’s only volume production car company, has unveiled its first vehicle, the Munro Mk_1. Designed, engineered, and built in Britain, the Munro MK_1 is the world’s most capable all-electric 4×4.

The Munro combines a state-of-the-art 280kW electric powertrain to ensure zero tailpipe emissions, with a proven, robust, simple-to-maintain mechanical driveline that delivers uncompromised off-road ability. The Munro’s unique attributes make it an ideal choice for those seeking to minimise their environmental footprint in numerous sectors including construction, agriculture, mining, environmental, emergency rescue, remote infrastructure maintenance, and recreation without compromising on performance or capability.

Capable of effortlessly transporting a crew of five to the most rugged locations, accommodating an 1000kg payload and 3500kg towing capacity, the Munro represents the ultimate, sustainable, utilitarian, off-road workhorse. Intensely focused on off-highway performance, reliability, ease-of- repair and longevity, the Munro is engineered to provide owners and operators with decades of service. Before its global unveiling, the vehicle was subjected to an intensive two-year testprogramme, tackling some of Scotland’s most demanding conditions in all weathers.

Priced from c.£50k, Munro has already received deposits for MK_1s that will be hand-build next year. Pre-sale agreements have already been secured from fleet operators in key industries, while orders for single vehicles have come from locations across the globe including the UK, Switzerland, St Lucia, and Dubai.

In 2024, Munro will expand from its current headquarters in East Kilbride to a new purpose-built factory in central Scotland, where production will scale to more than 250 units per year initially, leading to the creation of over 300 new jobs. The new site will eventually produce 2,500 vehicles per annum. Munro is the first automotive manufacturer to build cars at scale in Scotland since Peugeot- Talbot closed its Linwood plant in 1981.

Munro launched in 2019 with private funding provided by founders, Ross Anderson and Russ Peterson. A further injection was provided in 2021 by London-based VC, Elbow Beach Capital. The company’s strategy to target a significant market sector with the introduction of the world’s best electric- powered 4×4 is bolstered by a highly experienced automotive guidance board. Members include Selwyn Mould, a former head of supply chain at Lotus Cars and the CEO of Elbow Beach Capital, Jonathan Pollock.

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