New Telemetry Partner for McLaren Applied

McLaren Applied has announced a new global collaboration agreement with Control – Race Winning Telemetry, the leading motorsport cellular telemetry solution provider, to integrate Control’s modems with McLaren Applied’s world-leading motorsport Electronic Control Units (ECU).

Initially targeting teams in motor series’ such as Formula E, the new McLaren Applied VCU-500, complete with Control’s TLM-P1 modems, will allow teams to use cellular connectivity to gather telemetry data from their vehicles without the need for complex and expensive trackside infrastructure. The first application will be to support a Formula E team with Gen 3 car testing throughout 2022.

The Control – Race Winning Telemetry device will transmit data from the McLaren Applied ECU via cellular mobile networks and through its secure private networks to ATLAS data viewer. As well as providing a primary Telemetry option for series and teams, Control’s TLM-P1 also provides users with a solution for occasions where a full series-provided telemetry infrastructure is not possible or available.

The TLM-P1 features three separate simultaneous LTE cellular connections ensuring the delivery of live data from the vehicle to the garage, using the best network available at any given point on the track.

Commenting on the new agreement, Matthias Dank, Director of Motorsport at McLaren Applied, said, “This is a great partnership for both sides. In bringing together two proven innovators we’ve created a compelling new offering for the motorsport industry.”

Technical Director and Founder of Control – Race Winning Telemetry, Nathan Sanders, added, “This is an important next step in our development. The two companies share a common desire to innovate and provide the motorsport industry with cutting edge technical solutions. This is going to be good for both companies and the development of our sport.”

It is envisaged that by the end of Q1 2022 all McLaren Applied ECUs will support Control telemetry solutions.

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