Packaging Machine Safety Webinar 25 June

There is a diverse but common range of packaging machines in today’s manufacturing lines, many of which are found in food & beverage, material processing and other industry applications. Within the list of standards harmonised to the Machinery Directive are an attending range of packaging machine-specific C-standards – namely EN 415 parts 1 to 10.

This webinar explores this suite of standards, and we drill into an example of guarding a pallet wrapper application from EN 415-6.

Pilz’ free Webinar series aims to give you the essential facts and updates on a range of key Machinery Safety topics without you having to leave the office. Our presenters will cover the key facts in around an hour and will offer participants the added opportunity to get instant support for specific questions.

Register for the Packaging Machine Safety Webinar on the 25 June here 

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