RanLOS and Anritsu unveil innovative 5G vehicle OTA test solution

RanLOS, TOYO Corporation (TOYO), AeroGT Labs, and Anritsu today announced the availability of the first 5G antenna over-the-air (OTA) measurement system engineered with RanLOS’ OTA test solution and Anritsu’s 5G Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A. The new system represents a significant step forward in enabling advancements in 5G connected vehicles.

As autonomous driving gains momentum, and the demand for connected vehicles surge, the adoption of 5G for automotive use comes with performance requirements for successful implementation. To enable the seamless flow of dynamic, real-time data communication, highly reliable antenna performance is a key necessity to ensure the safety of autonomous and connected vehicles and to enable advanced infotainment. This requirement is addressed by optimizing and validating antenna design and installation on a vehicle. However, to accomplish this critical task, design engineers need a consistent, reliable, and controllable test environment that can emulate real-world conditions.

RanLOS and Anritsu collaborated to meet this need by integrating a portable antenna test system with a wide dynamic range base station simulation. The combined solution supports the measurement of throughput and antenna radiation patterns under static conditions and the evaluation of throughput degradation in vehicles operating on a dynamometer. It is well-suited for assessing the performance of antennas on transportation vehicles such as automobiles, vans, minibuses, and autonomous transport systems. What sets the solution apart is its distinctive capability to be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing EMC chambers, providing manufacturers with an opportunity to establish an essential testing environment while keeping the initial investment to a minimum.




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