Robotics company raises £100,000 as part of a six-figure investment deal

Suss Ventures has sourced a six-figure sum for sports engineering start-up E-Nano which will support their current raise. The robotics start-up uses its cloud platform to measure, analyse and feedback real-time data to sport field managers and groundskeepers. The investment sum will be used to develop their current robotics through rigorous research and will contribute towards product validation before launching to market. This raise marks another success for Suss Ventures, whose impact-driven mission goes hand-in-hand with sourcing purpose-driven businesses for their community of sustainable investors and corporate partners.

Co-founded by a team of professional mechanical and robotics engineers, the E-Nano technology is a pioneering force in grounds-keeping technology. The team has been working with testing partners, STRI, the world’s leading sports surface solutions provider, to conduct product testing and validation in the field.

E-Nano is a sports and engineering start-up developing modular robots for monitoring professional sport fields. These robots use a variety of sensors, AI and connectivity to offer sports field managers and keepers the opportunity to collect data, carry out analysis and predict growth to reduce maintenance costs. The initial offering is to work with sports fields, in particular, grass, growing sports turf, to get data from the ground and the environment so people can make sustainable decisions when growing. The aim is to move into agricultural land once the product has been brought to market.

E-Nano modular robots use sensors and AI to assess grounds for growing and maintaining sports turf. The technology uses an automated scouting rover to get data from the ground and the environment, so groundskeepers can make sustainable decisions when growing and maintaining turf by viewing the analysed date on E-Nano’s web platform. These robots will eventually be able to assess agricultural land and contribute to landowners growing more sustainably. The team aims to implement 5G connectivity into their robots and platform, using this raise to deliver more immediate, real-time data with high throughput.

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