SICK expands its comprehensive solution with NOVA-powered smart camera

At the UKIVA show, SICK has expanded its comprehensive machine vision portfolio with the UK launch of the Inspector83x 2D AI smart camera, which harnesses the power of SICK’s user-friendly NOVA common development platform.

The next-generation 2D vision camera is the fastest on SICK’s NOVA platform, extending the company’s comprehensive portfolio of 2D and 3D machine vision products. SICK’s experts work closely with customers to create tailored solutions to each automated inspection and measurement challenge, optimizing the potential of its machine vision software and hardware.

The scalable NOVA common development software platform builds on SICK’s rich machine vision history to place the power of machine vision and robotic guidance in users’ hands, providing an easy way to quickly add, combine, and customize machine vision tools. It features a user-friendly web interface and AI capabilities, reducing complexity and enabling anyone to build the most challenging machine vision applications without requiring expert machine vision knowledge.

NOVA is continually evolving and recent updates have included new tools and features such as suppress edge artifacts in AI anomaly detection, hardware acceleration to decrease analysis time for the AI classification tool, 3D box detection, and added list functions in the Expression tool. The software platform’s AI functionality makes machine vision tasks more achievable than ever before by teaching with examples instead of manually setting up rules.

Potential applications for SICK’s NOVA-powered machine vision technology and deep learning are limitless, with existing applications ranging from identifying the presence of transparent objects in manufacturing and ensuring items are placed accurately in food packaging, to speeding up assembly processes and ensuring consistent quality in fish processing. SICK machine vision products empowered by NOVA are used across diverse industries, including logistics, automotive, FMCG, robotics, and process, and by end users, OEMs and integrators. With SICK, NOVA applications can start with just a single camera, while advanced users can expand custom developments further using Lua programming and HALCON.

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