Stäubli Expands MPS Robotic Tool Changer Range To Cover All Robots And Payloads

As a world leading manufacturer of connectors and industrial robots, Stäubli is recognised internationally as a trusted partner across a diverse range of industry sectors. Also credited as one of the pioneers in the development of robotic tool changing systems, Stäubli already offers a comprehensive product range up to 1530 kg robot payload capacity.

Five new sizes have now been launched to expand the existing MPS tool changer range, covering payload capacities from 15kg to 80kg, enabling Stäubli to offer a robotic tool change solution for virtually all robots and payloads. Key characteristics of the new compact range include repeat accuracy of +/-1.5 µm and a wide variety of available transfer technologies.

Automatic tool changing systems can significantly increase the flexibility and productivity of a robot. Indeed, for many manufacturing processes and applications across a wide range of industry sectors, automatic tool change systems are the only way to address the specific and individual operations required.

All Stäubli robotic tool changing systems are based on a modular product concept,  with three different and efficient ways for customers to obtain their ideal tool changing system. The MPS COMPLETE designation offers pre-configured complete systems ready for immediate use and available on short delivery times.

Stäubli’s MPS MODULAR option offers readily available and production ready solutions tailored to meet individual customer requirements. The third option is MPS CUSTOMIZED. These systems are designed around the pre-requisites of each unique application.

Integrated functionality and a wide range of modules

 Feed-throughs for pneumatics or vacuum are already integrated into the locking units of the new systems. For customers considering future flexibility and functionality, there are numerous additional modules available for the transmission of pneumatics, vacuum, signals, data transmission up to 10Gbit/S, shielding, earthing, RFID tool coding and data storage. The ability to combine these different technologies and modules as required makes it possible to configure a solution for the widest possible range of applications.

The location of the transmission modules is also highly flexible, allowing users to position them as required to suit the individual robot’s cable package, and order them using a simple code. The robot mounted component of the MPS Tool Changer incorporates all of the services required to provide functionality for the various tools which may be used by the robot in production. On the tool change element, the only transmission modules required are those relating to the operation of specific tools. This makes it possible to use multiple individually configured tool elements with one robot mounted element, optimising customer return on investment.

Stäubli combines cross-shaped guide surfaces with a spring-loaded ball locking system to achieve interconnection between the robot and tool sides of the MPS system. This makes it possible for the system to maintain the highest levels of precision throughout its entire product lifecycle. The tools always return to their original insertion position with a repeat accuracy of +/-1.5 µm. Status monitoring, which is available as an option, is integrated directly within the locking unit of the tool change system.  This space-saving concept means that there is no overall height increase in the coupled tool changer, keeping the mass moment of inertia of the tools to the minimum possible, and therefore optimising the robot payload.

 In keeping with the already established Stäubli tool changing systems, for robot payloads up to 1530 kg, the new systems for payloads up to 80 kg also attach directly to the ISO standard flange of every robot produced worldwide, without the need for an adapter. This drilling pattern is also the same on the tool side for ease of assembly.

Individually configured robotic tool changers are delivered to the customer fully assembled and ready for use. Thanks to the modular design of the systems, Stäubli’s MPS robotic tool changers can be adapted or expanded at any time for new applications.

A range of tool stands  are available for all sizes to locate and store the individual tools being used by the robot. These are available as complete units, or as separate modules which can be mounted to standard profile section framework arrangements.

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