TATA Steel choose COPTRZ to implement drone strategy

TATA Steel have invested in a drone strategy to transform their complex operations and have chosen COPTRZ to provide innovative unmanned aerial system (UAS) solutions for inspections on TATA’s key infrastructure.

These UAS solutions are being employed in both open air environments for external inspections and in confined spaces. For confined spaces, specialist collision tolerant Elios 3  systems are deployed to keep humans safe whilst the robotic technology carries out the inspection work.  The Elios 3 system is designed specifically for complex indoor industrial applications where no GPS signals are present. Elios 3 UAS incorporates electro optical, thermal and Lidar sensors to navigate confined spaces without the need for humans to enter often dangerous environments. COPTRZ provided a complete  solution including hardware, software and training (CAA mandated & product specific).

The applications benefitting from the UAS include stack inspections, roof integrity inspections, internal frameworks integrity inspections, including large raw material storage silos/bunkers, Gantry crane girder inspections.

Matthew Saker Area Engineering Manager – Asset Integrity Department at Tata Steel commented “Here at Tata Steel we’ve really reaped the benefits of introducing the use of drones into our inspection regime.  It has enabled us to inspect places on our plants that we have never been able to before, which gives us a much more in-depth understanding of the condition & health of our aging assets. COPTRZ have been superb in their delivery of the training, hardware and the support, so much so that we have enrolled a second batch of pilot candidates to go through their GVC training courses. Thank you for your support and guidance helping us implement drone technology into our business. There is certainly a rapidly growing interest in drone technology across our wider business.”


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