Visual flow indicators with integrated measurement capabilities

ELESA, a leader in innovative hydraulic solutions, have introduced advanced visual flow indicators, now enriched with PLC-compatible sensors and impeller-mounted activating clips. These enhancements enable the transformation of the devices from mere passive flow monitors to active measurement tools, elevating the adjustment and monitoring of hydraulic system performance to a new level.

The latest metering indicators are meticulously designed in 3/4 inch, 1-inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2inch sizes to cater to a wide array of applications across various industries. They are perfect for fluid systems in different sectors such as processing, manufacturing plants, and more. They are highly compatible with different mediums like water, oil, petrochemicals, and are suitable for hygienic area systems where cooling or liquid transfer operations are vital.

Elesa’s new visual flow indicator sensors can be mounted in any external position in perfect alignment with the indicator tube, facilitating operation in two-way liquid flows with a viscosity below 30cSt. These Axial flow devices integrate into the moving fluid, causing the rotor to spin and generate a pulsed signal. This signal, proportional to rotor speed, offers accurate flow rate data through calibration.

Careful attention must be given to ensure proper propeller rotation, as the minimum flow rate requirement may vary based on the fluid’s type and viscosity. Beyond the minimum flow rate, the rotor operates at a speed in sync with the fluid flow, while the detached inductive sensor detects the movement of the metal clips on the rotor. This unique mechanism translates into a frequency variation that can be interpreted as a flow rate reading when connected to a PLC.

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